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State Regulation

We have color-coded each available course below, with a category and color from above, to denote the general curriculum of the course. All courses listed below are approved by your state, regardless of your license type.


All producers are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education per license authority every two years. “Bridge Courses” will allow producers to apply hours to all license types if they hold more than one license authority. All courses displayed below will count for CE based on the license type you selected on the previous screen.


NEW YORK INSURANCE LICENSEES CANNOT RECEIVE CE CREDIT FOR ANY PREVIOUSLY-COMPLETED CE COURSE. This rule applies to all completed CE courses since your license effective date. If necessary, click this link to check your state transcript and ensure newly selected courses have not been previously completed:



EFFECTIVE 4/1/2022, all New York insurance licensees must complete new coursework dependent on the license types held by the producer. Within your 15 hours of continuing education, producers must complete the following Direct CE webinars:

  • One hour of “New York Insurance Law”,
  • One hour of “Ethics for NY Insurance Professionals” OR any 3-hour ethics class (listed in yellow below),
  • One hour of “Diversity, Inclusion, and Elimination of Bias”


IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE CLASSES, New York Property & Casualty producers must now complete:

  • ** One hour of “Flood Insurance”
  • ** Three hours of “NY Flood Insurance Training (3 hours)”, if the producer sells flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. This includes Write-Your-own carriers.

** Flood courses do NOT count as bridge courses. Thus, P&C producers also licensed in Life, Accident & Health must complete either 16 or 19 hours of continuing education during their license renewal, depending on the scenario above. **


ANNUITY CERTIFICATION – Producers who sell annuity products must complete a 4-hour annuity certification course.  Our course, "Fundamentals of Annuities", offered below, meets the annuity training requirement for your state, including the “best interest” training if required. If the producer has already completed "Fundamentals of Annuities" previously, the class will not count towards your 15 CE hour total, but will satisfy the annuity requirement.

Your State Insurance Department Website  - https://www.dfs.ny.gov/

Upcoming Webinar CE Courses

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