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Continuing Education for Companies

Purchase discounted CE credits or sponsor events for insurance agents!

Bulk CE Credits

NEW for 2024!

✔ Earn discounts on CE credits for agents when you purchase 500 or more CE credits.

Order on an individual or group basis. Share a single discount code with your agents, or submit our new Bulk Order Form to receive an invoice.

Free rescheduling: your balance is credited any time an agent misses a course.

✔ Students can pick from over 800 live-streamed courses in 2024.

Group CE Events

Sponsor classes for Insurance Agents!

✔ Are you an insurance agency, restoration company, car dealership, or organization working closely with insurance professionals?

✔ Our Group CE program gives clients an opportunity to market directly to students. Feature advertisements, guests speakers, or giveaways to customize your classroom experience.

✔ Select and schedule courses at your convenience. Over 40 insurance CE topics are available!