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Group Webinar Continuing Education

for agencies, companies, trade groups & vendors!

No-Exam CE Webinars!

  • Choose from half-day, full-day or multi-day class options
  • Choose from 38 CE courses, plus several state-specific CE compliance courses
  • Classes can accommodate up to 500 students per event
  • NO EXAMS or proctors are required for CE credit!

State-Approved Courses led by Professional Instructors

  • We file all CE credits with your state and provide certificates of completion

  • Hourly breaks are provided; lunch breaks are provided for longer events

  • Keep your team on the webinar after class for a free webinar meeting!

  • Courses available include life, health, property, casualty, ethics, long-term care, government insurance, flood, annuity suitability & more!

  • CLICK HERE to view webinar course descriptions.

Pricing Information

Half-Day Events - $750
Up to 4 CE hours
Price for up to 50 attendees

Full-Day Events - $1,000
Up to 8 CE hours
Price for up to 50 attendees

**view surcharge information below**

Discounts are Available!

Book multiple courses within 12 months and receive the following percentage discounts:

# of Events % Discount off Courses


10% off


20% off

4 or more

30% off

SURCHARGES – For any individual CE course attended by over 50 students, a surcharge will apply as follows:

51-100 people attending - $200 surcharge per individual course

101-150 people attending - $400 surcharge per individual course

151-200 people attending - $600 surcharge per individual course

201-250 people attending - $800 surcharge per individual course

An additional $200 surcharge will apply per individual course to each band of 50 attendees over 250.

Timeline to Book Group CE Webinar Courses

To set up an event or events, contact RICK WESTON, Director of CE Events®, at 317-205-5245, or e-mail rick@ictinsuranceschool.com. We will schedule your event, provide you with webinar links to distribute to your team, assign an instructor or instructors, and provide you with an invoice or invoices for your events(s). We will provide you with a spreadsheet for you to complete to provide us with your attendee information. We appreciate receiving this information at least two business days before your event. We will send your team reminder e-mails with webinar links one business day before class and one hour before class.

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